Andrew Webb is a sculptor, maker. He works primarily in 3D with a variety of materials: steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, corten, cast concrete and glass.  He is interested in traditional ideas for sculpture such as the juxtaposition of shapes and forms, mass, weight, dealing with space and within this is interested in totemic forms.

Most proposals are considered for commissioned works, and services can include site-fixing. Attention is paid to health and safety at all stages of a project, and a team of skilled crafts-people can be utilised where required.

Current projects include sculptural commissions for artists, one-off pieces, and his own sculptures. Otherworks: one-off furniture pieces, staircases, interior decorations, railings and tailored security doors. See the gallery for examples and keep an eye on the blog for works in progress.

Andrew prides himself in the quality of the work and on customer satisfaction.

Primarily work is undertaken in London and the South East, but all areas considered.